Pre-Marital/Marriage/Relationship Counseling

Pre-Marital Counseling

There are lots of things to consider before you say “I Do”. Frequently, I find that couples in the early stages of a relationship are still so blinded by love, that they can’t see some red flags or haven’t taken the time to think about some of the bigger issues that will come up in a marriage.

Things go so much smoother and relationships last when the people involved talk through their values and goals together before the legally binding vows. It’s best for both people to know where the other person stands on big topics, such as finances, children, family roles, communication, etc.

In partnership with you, I can help you get all the cards on the table, so you can make an informed decision about spending the rest of your lives together and about what issues you may need to address more closely.

Marriage & Relationship Counseling

Do you want to develop a deeper understanding of each other, learn to respect and trust each other, and strengthen your emotional and physical intimacy?

Do you often find yourself thinking, “I just don’t feel like my husband/wife hears me?” So often, couples are locked in their own way of thinking and find it hard to see the other person’s perspective. When that happens, it feels to the other person like they aren’t being truly heard, or listened to.

Or do you ever feel like, maybe your partner hears you, but they don’t value your opinion or input? In fact, you begin to wonder if they value you at all in the relationship! You begin to question your importance in the relationship and wonder how you got to this point.

I will partner with both of you to learn how to interact with each other in respectful and productive ways, so you both benefit from the relationship and both your needs are getting met. I’ll help you learn how to honor and respect each other on a regular basis.

The goal of a marriage or relationship is for 2 people to join together and become 1 well-functioning team, on all levels.