What I do

“I provide client-center, solution-focused therapy to individuals, couples, and families. I specialize in helping you find your unique identity and purpose in life, especially in helping overcome self-esteem and confidence problems. I will help you be comfortable and confident in who you are and what you have to offer the world. I partner with you to reach your full potential by addressing issues of depression, anxiety, stress management, anger management, parenting, and conflict resolution. And I have over 20 years of expertise in Child Welfare cases, so I am experienced in helping people heal from past abuse and trauma. I do this work because I enjoy helping people get out of their own way and become the person they were meant to be.”

Counseling for individuals, couples, and families in the areas of:

Depression and Anxiety
Couples Counseling
Family Counseling
Parenting Support
Grief Counseling
Work and Career Issues
Stress Management
Addiction & Recovery
Healing from Past Abuse
Conflict Resolution
Anger Management
Spiritual Issues