Young Adult Client Profile

Are you a young adult who has suddenly found themselves floundering in the “adult” world, unsure how to navigate life?  Adulting is hard.  Do you need someone to guide you step by step through some of the decisions in your life while developing the skills and confidence to do it on your own?    Do you need help solving problems that come up for you?  Does anxiety cripple you from making friends, going to college, getting a job, or starting a relationship?  Are you scared of what’s next in life and whether or not you can handle it?  Life can be overwhelming, especially as a young adult just starting life on your own.  Do you simply need some direction, support, encouragement, and guidance as you transition into the next stage of your life?  Do you just need some tangible, concrete strategies to help you get over the current speed bumps in life?

YOU are one of my favorite types of people to work with.  I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with over 20 years of experience working with children, families, and young adults.  I’ve also successfully raised two children of my own, into adulthood.  I will take a twofold approach to our work together – (1) as someone who provides concrete strategies and solutions to your real life problems, breaking things down into manageable pieces, and someone who supports and encourages you, cheering you on and you make some big life changes, and sometimes I will (2) put on my “mom” hat and provide some insight and perspective.  I know that sometimes it’s easier to get advice and support from someone besides your own parents.  I’m good with that.  I understand.  I want to be that person for you.  I want to help you work through this awkward transitional, uncertain new stage of life and come out as a well-adjusted, high functioning person on the other side.  I believe you have the potential to be and do great things!

Through our work together, you will learn how to solve seemingly impossible problems, by breaking them down into manageable chunks and tackling them one by one.  Problems won’t overwhelm you anymore, because you’ll know what to do to manage them on your own.  You’ll develop the confidence to stand on your own and project a confidence that will carry you far.   You’ll feel comfortable in your own skin.  I mean, really, you’ll learn just how to “adult” successfully, transitioning into the next stage of your life, ready to live your dreams.

If you’re ready for the next step, contact me.

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